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Rants & Raves: Sept. 8, 2019

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  • Why can we not have licensed gun stores, doing background checks that are regulated like licensed liquor stores? No selling guns online, at gun shows and pawn shops.
  • It’s all about states’ rights unless one doesn’t agree with the exercise of certain such rights, then call in the feds to quash the states. Gotta keep those goalposts moving!
  • Author of the Food Stamp Column forgets that the Great Recession caused the increase in food stamp recipients and corporations paying no taxes is OK. Tax cheats would still create the jobs while paying their fair share.
  • It would not surprise me if the detained children on the Southwest border form a militia in 15 years and attack the U.S.A.
  • RE: Walmart not selling ammo – If stores truly want to save lives, they would stop selling alcoholic beverages. A thousand times more people die from drunk drivers and alcoholism than are killed by rifles of any kind.
  • RE: Walmart not selling ammo – Next, no more fake service dogs in stores. Or anywhere. Until then, my gun is real.
  • RE: Walmart not selling ammo – Ammunition for “long barrel” rifles? “Short” barrel? Just because others don’t know what they’re talking about doesn’t mean that their ignorance needs to be parroted.
  • RE: Locals react to Walmart’s new gun policy – No issue, you should only conceal carry anyway, which I will anyway.
  • RANT – the Board of Supervisors approved an unsightly white cellphone tower on west Iron Springs Road near Highland Pines, without a requirement that the owner paint the tower to blend in with the surrounding area.
  • Another season of concerts on the plaza has finished. Excellent performers. The gang from Prescott Pro Sound made everybody sound great and waited out two brief rain delays in early August so the show could go on! Outstanding.
  • Per the NOAA, 51 people die from lightning strikes every year. Per cited articles, from 2000 to 2018 an average of 41 people died each year from being shot by an assault rifle.
  • More progressive happy talk from Columnist Cantlon. He now defines “doing good” as an unequivocal virtue, whatever that means. Doing good can be meaningless depending on one’s arbitrary definition.
  • Some think communism/socialism is “doing good” while others reject the tyranny!
  • Bravo Steve Hyman for your letter to Jerry Fowler regarding white male power. A voice of reason and intelligence as opposed to unexamined rhetoric spouted by so many. Thank you!
  • Instead of blaming guns for shootings, look to the liberal entertainment industry that glorifies violence and death. Music, videos, TV, movies and sports “heroes” promote acceptance of violence. Everyone is constantly bombarded with the message “crime is conventional, history.”
  • Make the streets more people friendly/pedestrian only around the courthouse plaza. In the small town where I used to live, it increased the retail sales between 50% and 100% in the first two years. Win-win!

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