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Thu, Nov. 14

Letter: Protecting all citizens

Protecting all citizens


The USA is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy, protecting for all citizens certain inalienable rights. In a democracy, leaders are not constrained by such Constitutional protection, which is one reason why our Founding Fathers did not create a democracy. 

The Electoral College was established to prevent one party from having too much power — tyranny — and protects the voice of all Americans, not just those in heavily populated areas.

When a society destroys its moral foundation, it suffers the consequences. Children are not property. Adults do not own them. When a state declares the murder of babies a right, the moral center is surrendered. Yeats reminds us that when the falcon cannot hear the falconer, things fall apart and then the center cannot hold. When government declares that life is not important, the message is that destruction of life is acceptable. People rail against capital punishment, but the slaughter of babies?  Hardly a word and as Yeats declares, then the ceremony of innocence is drowned.

No law has ever stopped criminals from committing heinous acts. Evil is done because people will it. Good is done because people will it. God has nothing to do with it. If that were not true, we would all be puppets of a divine power. We are not.

Gun laws are ubiquitous; yet gun crimes continue. However, the drums for gun control beat constantly yet we know gun control does not prevent killings.

Unarmed citizens are dead citizens. We all know what happens when only those in power have weapons. More laws destroy our freedom but will not prevent the slaughter of innocents.

Anne Marie Erskine


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