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Tue, Dec. 10

Talk of the Town: Election wake-up call turns to excuses

The results of the municipal election should have been a wake-up call for the Prescott mayor and council. Instead Greg Mengarelli, Billie Orr and others are using the results and the winning tactic (single-shot for Cathey Rusing) to excuse their comparatively poor showings.

There was a suggestion in the Aug. 28, post-election Courier article that Save the Dells is a well-funded special interest group. Save the Dells is, at best, underfunded. It is a special interest group consisting of a large grassroots group of concerned citizens who understand the economic, environmental and cultural value in saving a critical portion of the Granite Dells.

Mayor Mengarelli stated in the article that “we didn’t get the outcome for (the incumbents) that we wanted.” It is not up to the voters to support the incumbents simply because they are who the mayor “wanted.” Apparently Mengarelli hoped to maintain the status quo with the attendant problems such as water shortages and overdevelopment.

In that same article Orr suggests that she has “mixed feelings” about the results because she knows “how hard everyone worked.” Is she suggesting that Rusing coasted to victory? Rusing and her supporters worked extremely hard. The election results that gave Rusing a huge landslide victory prove the point.

Residents of Prescott have the absolute right to vote for candidates they support, along with an equal and absolute right not to vote for candidates they don’t support.

Single-shot campaigns are a time-honored political strategy. Just because the voter may vote for more than one candidate does not mean they are required to do so. It is my right to not vote for a candidate whose values and beliefs run contrary to mine. This is still a democracy.

In a second article (Aug. 29) the Yavapai County Registrar of Voters commented on the “undervote,” stating that if voters had selected the maximum of three “perhaps they wouldn’t have to go to a runoff.” The cost of a General Election/runoff is part of the price we pay for living in a democracy, not a reason to roll over and play dead as anonymously suggested in last Sunday’s “Rants and Raves.”

Prescott resident Gerald Stricklin is a retired city planner and town manager.

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