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Sat, Jan. 25

Gibbons: Citizens, communicate with your town council

The Mayor and Town Council of Chino Valley (CV) have been elected to represent and fulfill the will of only current Chino Valley citizens. We, CV citizens, have failed to exercise our responsibility to inform our mayor and town council members concerning the majority will of current CV citizens.

It is extremely clear from the recent road tax vote results that the mayor and town council were out of step and didn’t represent 73% of residents. Citizens, communicate with the town council. Call the town clerk and ask for the mayor and town council’s government email address. Email our mayor and town council and specifically list your issues and solutions. Call your citizen-employed town staff and ask them specific financial, ordinance and traffic questions so that you, as a citizen, are better informed.

Unless you, as a citizen, communicate to our representatives, how are they going to be accurate with their decisions representing the majority will of the citizens? You should know that developers and taxpayer-subsidized business interests are right in there lobbying for their own profit interest. Communicate with our town council and our town employees, and write a letter to the Chino Valley Review.

The following is my example of communicating what I have heard from many citizens, and myself, that the town council should act upon:

1) Maintain an excellent performing, well-paid, well-equipped, low-turnover, diverse police department. CV safety is the highest priority.

2) Keep CV small and rural by not allowing more property splits to less than one acre and owners of large tracts of land requesting zoning changes, held to 5-acre minimums.

3) Stop permitting high-density housing, because it is not reflective of a small town, rural environment and degrades the quality of CV life. Population growth makes it more expensive for everyone, increases traffic and does not do one thing to improve the quality of life for CV residents.

4) Aggressively work to keep Prescott from continually exporting its industrial noise pollution to CV from its helicopter flight school industry, Embry-Riddle’s private business flight training industry and the Prescott passenger and cargo jet service industry. Prescott is planning to lengthen its runway. If Prescott lengthens its runway, very large cargo and passenger jets will be landing and taking off, 24/7, at low altitude over our town limits with incredible noise. Our elected representatives must negotiate favorably with FAA and Rep. Paul Gosar as a condition of Prescott lengthening the runway. We are surrounded by vacant or unincorporated land and mostly government land that aircraft could use if our town organized to accomplish this goal.

5) Eliminate the very loud, non-emergency use of truck exhaust (Jake) brakes within town limits. Enforce and update noise ordinances.

6) Chino Valley sales tax, grants and other incomes are to be spent for current resident requirements, not for more roads to nowhere, and not for taxpayer-subsidized sewer and water lines to profit developers.

7) There are many towns in America that have adopted a “Let’s Remain Small and Rural” attitude for town management. Let’s do that also, take pride in doing so and stop participating in the 1960s old-school development mentality we see in Prescott and Prescott Valley. An increase in CV population causes an increase in traffic, all support taxes, more public buildings, schools and fire stations, and does nothing to improve our quality of life. Many Chino Valley water wells are already dropping one foot per year. Protect our rural homeland and the lifestyle diversity we enjoy. It is a highly valuable way of life. Why would we want our town council to continually spend our tax money to encourage more and more population development when we all know our water and quality of life will go down tremendously while taxes, traffic and crime will increase?

Citizens, let’s be responsible and communicate our issues and solutions to our representative mayor, town council and our town employees. Let’s watch to see if any current council member demonstrates true leadership that actually represents the majority will of current citizens between now and the next election. Citizens are in charge of Chino Valley. Exercise your responsibility, become action oriented, and inform your council members that you require your tax money to be spent on your issues. Ask the council members how their specific actions, are going to improve your, current resident, personal quality of life. Communicate!

AL Gibbons is a resident, voter and taxpayer of Chino Valley.

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