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Thu, Nov. 14

Letter: White male power

In regard to Jerry Fowler and his “Column off the mark” letter. He states that white males were responsible for most scientific progress. It’s astounding how well his memory works when he has a point to make. Maybe if he jogged his memory a bit more he would remember that for generations it was only white males who were entitled to an education. To put an even finer point, it was only land-owning white males.

Maybe he also forgets that until the 1970s women weren’t allowed to have a credit card without their husband’s permission or get a business loan. If they became pregnant, they were fired. Until 1920 women weren’t allowed to vote.

Let’s not even get into the problems for People of Color. Things like voting, working and having a place to live. Just for kicks how about we consider them people and not property? What a revolutionary idea. Most of Africa and the Middle East were under colonial rule by white men from Europe. India was 300 million ruled from the UK. South America was a plaything for the US, fomenting revolutions where we saw fit.

Again, white men with all the power.

It’s easy to point to all the advances your culture has made when any other race, religion or sex was legally prevented from contributing – at times punished for even trying.

Steve Hyman


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