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Mon, Feb. 24

Rants & Raves: October 20, 2019

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  • Lost teaching opportunity: the Bradshaw Bears led by 51-0. Why not play some of the younger players who stand the whole game watching the starters? Very discouraging to watch. A Bear win but a players’ loss.
  • Keep politics out of the library. To the lady ranting about Obama, we don’t have many places where we don’t have to either put up with drunks or listen to rants. The library should be a quiet, safe zone.
  • Intersection at Gurley Street and Park Avenue is a nightmare in the mornings with the traffic from Lincoln School, but now that they are forcing all right turns in one line is disastrous. Come on Prescott, get your act together.
  • One thing about the scramble crosswalk is certain, it causes an extraordinarily impressive backup of traffic along all of Montezuma Street.
  • Catchall: “Dusty suggests any decisions about water be placed on a ballot to be voted on by the residents. … how can we expect the voters to decide correctly?” The voters don’t have a vested interest. Governments always want more money and growth provides it.
  • If you move to Prescott, please change your cell phone number to the local area. Many move here and use out-of-area numbers and our land lines are charged a long distance fee to return/call these numbers.
  • One would think that the DMV would have some type of competency exam before re-issuing licenses. Driving around this area is truly taking your life in your hands.
  • Before the city begins another street project, wouldn’t it be expedient to finish one of the many others they have currently underway that are boggling-up traffic?
  • The Prescott City Council and the developments they keep approving appear to be immune from water conservation. Only the citizen taxpayers are supposed to be responsible?! Just remember the smokescreen they created over the Dells.
  • A new post office in Prescott Valley, more centrally located instead of two different locations not so centrally located would be wonderful. I hope it happens soon!
  • Is it necessary to use water on street beautification? The use of decorative rock is attractive and needs no irrigation. Noticed recently the addition of vegetation in the median on Glassford. Why?
  • Someday, 10 years, 20 years, 40 years down the road, all this “paper water” the City Council values so much is going to come back and bite all the residents of our city.
  • Wow, our declining aquifer; Mr. Wolfe stated: “I don’t think we can depend on everybody” conserving voluntarily. But why not? Well, with the mass developments supported by councils it won’t matter anyway, so why should I put in the effort?

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