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Fri, Feb. 21

Rants & Raves: October 6, 2019

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  • So the new property tax rate coupled with the vehicle tax puts me at losing twice as much as the cost of living increase. Now let’s just slap on an increase in fuel tax. Time for some big changes.
  • Editorial: Cutting off someone’s power should not be left to the weatherman – It’s all about money. Why don’t they just lower the rates? Those of us on fixed incomes have it hard enough.
  • Most of those in jail are not property owners, yet property owners are footing the bill for the new jail. Well done voters of Yavapai County (sarcasm). Perhaps only land owners should be allowed to vote.
  • DISTURBING: How many news consumers can’t tell a news story from a column from an editorial from a letter to the editor from a Facebook post from a blog from a political commercial from a website reply from a commentary?
  • Voters were very short sighted or grossly misinformed when they voted NO on a sales tax increase to pay for a new county jail. A sales tax would make everybody – local and tourists – pay, not just property owners.
  • RE: New jail – What about the unintended consequences? Higher crime rates in both the city and county; increased costs for law/code enforcement; reduction in property values. You think we have a problem now with homelessness? Just wait.
  • You’d think that the city could finish a few of its road projects before starting half a dozen more. Can’t blame the monsoons this time, fellas.
  • Kudos to law enforcement for bringing in the crooks and criminals. Shame on the courts for kicking them right back on the streets again, time after time after time.
  • The sentencing for those who cross the center line and kill someone needs to be very greatly increased.
  • Please respect the separation of powers – No head of the local, state or federal executive branch should call out a judge or court over a decision; appeal through the judiciary as required by the relevant constitution.
  • Columnist Tom Cantlon sounds like a messenger for unions. Owners and employees are NOT on the same level as the owners and CEOs, as they bear the ultimate responsibility for success or failure.
  • Fires in California could have been prevented by proper forest management, unfettered by the goofy whims of environmentalists who are more concerned about spotted owls than they are about humans. Arizona should take heed.

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