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Thu, Dec. 12

Flores: Just how important are matching socks?

Britt Flores. (Courtesy)

Britt Flores. (Courtesy)

For this week’s article, I actually “crowd-sourced” opinions on my personal Facebook account.

In fact, the subject this week is so heated, so vehemently argued and so rooted in foundational values going back generations, that I hesitated for a minute, questioning if I should broach this highly volatile, controversial subject. After much thought and deliberation, I concluded that with Thanksgiving next week and it being almost an election year and with impeachment trial updates every hour, we ALL needed something other than politics and food to fight over. To that end, I ask you an age-old question: Matching socks — important or not?

I hope at least some of you are laughing at this point, as is my intention, however the topic of the importance of having matching socks as well as keeping an organized sock drawer and it’s level of value in one’s self-care grooming habits has spawned some very heated arguments about core values, one’s occupation, one’s social upbringing, etc.

As a self-care expert and personal coach, I strive to find life’s “keystones.” People call them different things, but to me, keystones are the habits or reactions of a happy and well-adjusted person, by which positive abundance orbits. In my opinion, little habits like making one’s bed or paying your bills on time create ripples of orderly, organized, drama-free energy that attract positivity

Enter the topic of matching socks: What do you think? Is the process of washing, pairing, storing and wearing matching socks indicative of the goodness or flaws of your character? The fiber of your being? Do you feel that maybe you’re an artist and that wearing matching socks signals rigidity that you have decide to live above or do you believe that matching socks and tidy drawers are reflections of a proper upbringing?

Personally, I wonder if having matching socks is a common “keystone” in traditionally “successful” people’s lives? It would be fascinating to find out. I know for a fact that most military people tend to have very organized closets and very organized paperwork. Take my husband for example, who is a former Marine — he can find any paperwork at any time and his socks and underwear are perfectly organized, as well as the rest of his belongings AND he’s also an artist. I would also consider him to be successful — he loves what he does professionally and he’s an amazing father and partner. Then there is me — also an artist, also someone who I would consider successful. HOWEVER I have a lot of drama when it comes to finding paperwork. There simply doesn’t seem to be a filing system that can handle ALL my oddities. My sock drawer? Let’s laugh about that for a bit. I have THREE HUGE sock drawers because not one drawer can hold all my different socks and hosiery AND our two daughters get into them so frequently that I gave up keeping them organized about a year ago.

In the morning, there is chaos in the house — for myself who can never find exactly what I am looking for and for our girls, whose room seems perpetually out of order, even though I clean it every day. Because I am looking for keystones and because I need to attract a happier start to the day, I must beg the question — would our lives be easier if I started matching my socks and keeping organized drawers? Would our daughters then also experience a greater desire to organize their belongings and then would we all be attracting a lot less drama and instead attracting more happy mornings? I wonder. I’m willing to try it.

So, this year, at Thanksgiving, find out from your family and friends what they think. Be careful, some folks have some VERY strong views — but at least you’ll be arguing about self-care instead of politics — a topic I think is best opened at Christmas!

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