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Fri, Dec. 13

Letter: No Trump fan

Editor: Yavapai is the most conservative county in Arizona. It’s not surprising that a Courier letter exposing Trumps many flaws would stir up trouble with “the base.” There are three takeaways from Darrel King’s diatribe directed at my earlier letter condemning Trump. He feels only pro-Trump letters should be published. He’s in denial that Trump is an autocrat. He feels Trump supporters can think for themselves. Trump himself debunked this last one, stating his base would support him even if he started mowing down people in the streets. That is not thinking for yourself.

A Pew Research Center study shows that most uneducated people are pro-Trump and most educated people are anti-Trump. Intelligence may be similar, but analysis shows uneducated people lack the knowledge base and critical analytical skills honed by college, grad school and jobs that follow.

According to Harvard Medical School Psychiatrist Lance Dodes, MD, this mindset allows Trump’s base to make a seemingly reasonable assumption that Trump is a normal person like themselves with similar ideals. They are unable to make the evidentiary and analytical leap to understand that he is nothing like them, but instead a textbook sociopath, predator and con man.

Trump doesn’t care about his working-class supporters or their issues other than to get their votes and adulation. Prior to his first run for President, he was a lifelong liberal Democrat, pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ and a prodigious user of illegal immigrant labor. You have been conned. His only legislative accomplishment in 3 years is to cut taxes for the rich (meaning himself). America has been conned. Just ask any of his endless stream of “former” officials.

Roger Fairfield


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