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Thu, Feb. 20

Rants & Raves: Nov. 10, 2019

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  • Note to motorists: If you’re in the passing lane and there’s nobody ahead of you for a half mile, but 20 cars are behind you … you’re impeding traffic. Either move over or speed up your machine!
  • I see the Central Yavapai Metropolitan Planning Organization Technical Advisory Committee (gasp, catching breath) is meeting to assess goals for 2019. One, hopefully, is to come up with a less exhausting name. Thank heaven I don’t answer phones there.
  • Why not downgrade some drugs to misdemeanor status like other states, to save money and free up jail space? Now the county wants to tax us to pay for a new jail and many are on a fixed income.
  • To many downtown Prescott merchants: Very disappointed to see Christmas decorations the first week of November.
  • Tailgaters: the closer you get, the slower I go.
  • RE: Hal Bray’s letter – You have written the most concise and accurate letter I’ve seen printed in the Courier. If only the Democrats would read it and stop this madness. The coup to remove our president cannot continue.
  • Rising to yet another level of absurdity, the National Democratic Party is suing Arizona over the order of candidates listed on the ballot because “it demonstrates bias.” What an absolute insult to the intelligence of their supporters!
  • Forget air travel. You should mention that when people get their licenses renewed at 65, we’re being told that Social Security will also require the more expensive ID when the new law takes effect. We’re not “opting.” We’re being blackmailed.
  • Congratulations to Mr. Sischka, and thank you Mr. Lamerson for your years of service on the Prescott City Council.
  • Local hydrologists say water use in the area is unsustainable, but politicians say there is plenty of water; 11,258 scientists declare a climate emergency, but politicians say climate change is not real. Detecting an unsettling pattern here.
  • A movie theater is not your living room. Refrain from narrating the movie and answering your cell phone. Some of us want to actually hear the movie dialog we paid for. Shhhhhh!
  • Honesty reigns here in Prescott. On Nov. 4, I left my purse in my shopping cart in Costco’s parking lot. A very Good Samaritan turned it in for me. I am so grateful and hope you will be blessed.
  • Let’s keep building until the only thing going down the drain is our quality of life and our property values!

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