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Mon, Nov. 18

Letter: Trump’s increasing ‘threat’ to America


Imagine only caring what happens to other people if they’re related to you. No, Donald Trump hasn’t killed my whole family. Not yet. But since my family includes people who are women, who are LGBTQ, who depend on food stamps to feed their children, who have chronic, pre-existing medical conditions, Trump’s daily dose of increasingly unhinged cruelty and bigotry does threaten my family. Their health, their well-being and, in some cases, their very survival.

More to the point, my family includes people who are not yet old enough to vote, but who will, I hope, be raising their own families in a future that I won’t be around to share. But you know who will be around to share that future? Your grandchildren.

Your great-grandchildren. As inconceivable as it is that you don’t care what happens to other people’s families, it’s even more inconceivable that you don’t care enough about your own to want them to have breathable air, drinkable water, arable land.

Granted, this environmental crisis has been looming on the horizon for decades, and, granted, successive administrations have done far too little to avert it. But Trump isn’t just “not doing enough” to protect the environment. He’s actively, savagely, destroying it. And with it, our children — all our children’s — futures.

I think you’re asking the wrong people the wrong question. After all, if a bully threatens your child, you don’t have to hate the bully to protect your child, you just have to care enough about your child. Why don’t you?

Rita Shryock

Chino Valley

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