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Tue, Oct. 15

Letter: Climate change, cause no hoax


The letter from a Dewey resident implying climate change is a communist hoax may seem amusing, but what it shows is how many Americans have succumbed to political manipulation rather than embracing evidence, facts and scientific inquiry.

There are thousands of scientists worldwide who are educated in and practicing climate science. A University of Indiana study concluded there is a near 100% consensus among those scientists that climate change is real, human caused and accelerating.

Stanford University reports the reason this is not clear to the public is a $2.5 billion misinformation and propaganda campaign funded by the fossil fuels industry and disseminated by right-wing media. According to Pulitzer Prize-winning Inside Climate News: “It is one of the largest, longest and most consequential misinformation efforts ever mounted against science. The campaign has confused public opinion, captured the allegiance of a major political party, and forestalled passage of laws and regulations to address the global environmental crisis caused by the burning of coal, oil and gas.”

Traditional warming and cooling periods are caused by regular oscillations in Earth’s axial tilt and in its orbit from circular to elliptical. We should be now entering a cooling period, but this has been offset by massive amounts of carbon being pumped into the atmosphere starting with the industrial revolution; creating a warming instead.

Turn off Fox and spend time visiting the climate section websites of NASA, NOAA, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and major universities. The truth is out there.

Susie Percy


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