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Mon, Oct. 21

Letter: Climate rebuttal


A rebuttal to the May 22 letter by Tim Scherkenbach.

In 1992, the United Nation’s International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published its report suggesting a future requiring international intervention to avoid catastrophic temperature increases. Most of the information we have been presented is in agreement that “man” has caused the increases in CO2 and, therefore mankind caused global warming. The story goes the continued usage of carbon-based fuels is the main cause of global increases in carbon dioxide (CO2) — which increases temperatures.

Our world’s atmosphere is made up of a number of identifiable gases. The highest percentage goes to Nitrogen at 78%; Oxygen, 20.9%; Argon, 0.8%; and CO2, 0.38%. Note, plant life requires CO2 for photosynthesis and produces Oxygen.

As for the Vostok Station, the USSR established this research station in 1958. Finally, in 1985, they successfully drilled through to a point below the last glacial age. Analysis of the core showed gas bubbles trapped within the ice showed CO2 levels increased after long periods of rising temperatures. They also proposed shifts in the earth’s axis (orbital shifts) was a casual factor.

Thus, considering the seven greatest temperature transitions of the past half Million years — three glacial terminations and four glacial inceptions — we note that increases and decreases in atmospheric CO2 concentrations not only did not precede the changes in temperature; they followed them, and by hundreds of thousands of years!

“One thing is certain now, there is much more real world evidence for the encouraging scenario we paint here than for the doom-and-gloom predictions of apocalypse that are preached by those who blindly follow the manifestly less-than-adequate prognostications of imperfect models.” Supporting references from this brief written in 1998 and factual statements of this position paper can be found at

Conclusion: Most all opinion articles saying that global warming or climate change is a danger are not true.

Tom Steele

Prescott Valley

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