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Mon, Oct. 14

Letter: Climate’s changing


Regarding the letter on global warming from Mr. Beal in Dewey, I suggest the writer read the book “Reading the Rocks: The Autobiography of the Earth” for some actual facts about planet earth and the unique situation the planet is now facing due to two principal actions of humanity:

1) Raising CO2 levels in barely 200 years that would have taken the planet tens or even hundreds of thousands of years to do which is now resulting in rapid glacial melting and, yes, rising sea levels;

2) Severe overpopulation by the planet’s apex predator, man. This is a first time ever situation for the biota on the planet which results in exceptional destruction of the natural environment and the ability of the planet to heal itself from this destruction.

The planet is in a cool cycle but that stretches over thousands of years. The temperature increases we are now seeing are the direct result of man’s actions, including the burning of fossil fuels. Each year people add 100 times the amount of all CO2 and other greenhouse gasses produced by all the world’s volcanos.

The refusal of people to accept verified scientific conclusions is a regression to mankind’s lack of science before the renaissance when superstition and religion reigned over actual facts. And the most disturbing aspect of this is that this mental regression and scientific regression is intentional.

Harry Haff


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