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Sun, Sept. 22

Letter: Green Deal hoax


I have been trying to grasp the hysteria of global warning or climate change because I keep wondering how did we get into and out of the last ice age?

The earth has had climate change since its creation. The last ice age was some 11,700 years ago. The theory behind the last one ending is that there may have been a slight orbital shift creating more sunlight on the Northern Hemisphere, causing ice to melt, which created fresh water to influence the warming of the southern ocean, which released high levels of CO2. Yes, the same CO2 that our fossil fuels are creating now.

During the ice age, the consensus is that the earth was about 12 degrees (F) cooler than the mean temperature. A whole lot of CO2 had to have been created by Mother Nature to warm the planet by almost 10 degrees to get us close to the temperature of last several thousand years and took thousands of years to accomplish. Some scientists believe that we are still in an ice age, which would account for the current warming.

The world is not going to end in 12 years as claimed by our socialist politicians. If this were true, at this point it would be too late to save the earth. Al Gore predicted many years ago that ice melting would raise the oceans’ water levels and flood many coastal cities. The Green New Deal is nothing but a hoax to destroy the US by our social communists. It is a government takeover of our lives.

John Beal


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