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Mon, Feb. 24

Volpe: Should parents be allowed to carry guns to school?

This headline in Tuesday’s Courier jumped out at me; “Lawmakers vote to allow parents dropping kids off at school to carry loaded guns.” This is utterly ridiculous. Logically, my vote would be a resounding, unequivocal, “NO WAY!”

Did these lawmakers use logic in their voting process? Or is it just another Republicans versus Democrats, with your child’s life at stake? When instituting laws involving guns, lawmakers must realize, many lives are involved in their decisions. Probably many deaths also! This definitely should not be a party-line topic, which it is. The entire country should be totally aware of that by now.

Current law allows guns in vehicles on campus, if they’re unloaded. That tells me that lawmakers passed an asinine law to begin with. An unloaded gun is much worse that not having a gun. In that situation you are probably going to be the one getting cremated.

Here’s how illogical lawmakers can get when passing gun laws. In some states you are allowed to have a gun in your vehicle but it must be separate from your ammunition. If your pistol is in the glove compartment, your ammunition must be in the trunk. How ridiculous is that? In a confrontation, who do you think would get killed?

Rep. John Kavanagh, a former police officer, stated: “Go to many police locker rooms and you’ll see holes in lockers and walls because of accidental discharges during loading and unloading.”

There’s a voice of experience. He has seen evidence that most of us do not get to see or know about. If law enforcement officers, required to fire on a range regularly, aren’t qualified, why would politicians feel that Mr. or Mrs. Parent is qualified? I would ask Mr. Kavanagh: How do you feel about the House passing this legislation? I would bet he voted, “NO WAY!”

The Parkland (Florida) school shooting was on Feb. 14, 2018. Law enforcement and media investigations state that 17 people were killed and 14 others wounded. The school was at the mercy of the gunman for 58 chaotic minutes. Video shows that school officials were “underprepared” and “overwhelmed.” That being the case, what chance do you feel you have as a student’s parent? Your child will be identifying your body at the morgue.

That same day in 1929 Chicago, Al Capone’s hit squad killed seven gangsters at “The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.” They were all facing a wall with their hands in the air. Which one was the real massacre?

The politicians who voted in favor of this bill, are completely devoid of wisdom, logic, or experience. Perhaps they should be tested to see if they are mentally qualified to carry a gun!

Here’s a scenario for you politicians and gun-toting parents. You’re dropping your child off at school. You hear rapid gunfire. The gunman is suddenly running from the school toward you and your child. You panic under fire, as most untrained people do. Your heart is beating more times than it has over your entire life.

Suddenly you are in a firefight and outgunned. His unskilled fire misses you but strikes your child. What would you do? Continue to fire at the gunman in an attempt to take him out, or attend to your screaming child? In which case, both of you may be k illed.

Do you seriously believe you can hit a running target with a pistol, while he is returning fire from an automatic weapon? Even if you have the skill and mindset to shoot him up close and personal and take him out? This scenario is something that will take you more than a lifetime to overcome, and beyond an eternity to forget.

Why do you think so many war veterans have post-traumatic stress disorder? It’s certainly not because they were unprepared or unskilled to take the enemy out.

Hopefully, there are some logical minds in the Senate and this absurd measure (House Bill 2693) does not become law. We don’t need more unqualified people with guns near our schools where many children would be at risk.

I’ll bet none of the politicians involved could hit a moving target with a pistol. In fact, I don’t believe any of them could hit a “bull in the butt with a shotgun, if they carried a basket full of alfalfa.”

Ciao for now, J.J.

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