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Mon, Oct. 14

Volpe: Friends, readers and countrymen, lend me your ‘eyes’

Locally and nationally, we have various political problems, we all know what they are by now, and I don’t enjoy harping on them. People tell us, don’t discuss politics or religion with family and friends. However, both topics are leading us into a hellhole, we can’t conceal our scruples any longer.

I prefer to write about happy topics. However, since I firmly believe the rapid growth and population explosion of the Quad Cities is by far our biggest problem, I have been writing mostly about that problem recently.

I have what I believe is a healthy ego, I feel everyone should have one. However, I am not so egotistical that I feel my column is going to change the way anyone or anything functions.

The Courier has given me the opportunity to express my opinions and frustrations. In the process, I may be your voice and help you to express your opinions and frustrations as well. Perhaps by chance, we may even get something enacted.

I wrote a somewhat worthwhile column that was published in the Courier on Saturday, Feb. 23, that in one way or another affects everyone in this area. It encapsulates many of the rapid growth problems in this area. If you haven’t read it, you should! The headline was “Welcome home to your new city, ‘Calicott.’”

When growing up, our parents told us; “If we don’t roll up our sleeves and get to work, our goals, dreams and futures will go down the drain.” In the good ol’ days, people were referring to the kitchen sink’s drain.

For too long our country’s sense of morality, politician’s images, and our tax dollars seem to be going down the drain, but that drain is in our bathrooms, and I’m not referring to the bathroom sink.

Please don’t allow our quaint little towns to go down the toilet. Go into your bathroom and flush the toilet – if you don’t see Prescott, Prescott Valley and Dewey-Humboldt circling around in that toilet bowl, you had better get your eyes checked.

We must absolutely without question put a moratorium on building! I have been to local meetings and discussed the problems with building company executives. I am also speaking with Planning and Zoning, and plan to attend a zoning meeting in early March. People in Quailwood are circulating a petition against rezoning and road congestion, so far they have more than 500 names. I personally lived in two towns that experienced the same problems we are experiencing and they had to put a moratorium on building, they were expanding too fast. Further, Vegas construction outgrew the number of people in need of housing, and they still have water shortage problems.

If any politician, developer or builder can explain why this rapid growth and population explosion, which is turning our quaint little towns in average cities, is advantageous to us and the area, I would like to hear it. If not, leave us alone.

There are developers and builders who want to come here and build whatever, wherever they see dollars blowing across open spaces. Then they go back to their own cities unharmed with pockets full of our lives and dreams. We must not allow it!

Developers and builders, who live in glass houses in other parts of the country, should not come here and throw our boulders. In the good ol’ days, people such as these were tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail.

By the way, Fish and Game, you made a monstrous mistake. You should have caged the landowners, developers and builders and trucked them to other areas, and left our beautiful beloved Pronghorn here where they belong. Hopefully, we can get some animal rights activists to force you to bring them back! And please don’t insult our intelligence by saying they were overpopulating. You obviously don’t know what the word means.

Just because we prefer to live in the country, by no means should insinuate that we are country bumpkins to be taken advantage of by “blue suede shoe city slickers.” We may just forget our down-home country manners.

Ciao for now, J.J.

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