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Thu, Feb. 20

Rants & Raves: July 7, 2019

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— RE: Prescott downtown traffic; simple solution — Make the area downtown around our courthouse a pedestrian/auto-free zone. It is, and will be, a beautiful place to stroll and enjoy one of the best parts of Prescott.

— A message to the City Council from Joni Mitchell’s song: Pave paradise and put up a parking lot? Don’t you know the way that it goes, you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. Save the Dells.

— God bless Gov. Doug Ducey for standing up to Nike.

— Cheers and thanks to Gov. Ducey for his stand regarding Nike, and to the Courier for your editorial of support on Wednesday.

— Kudos to Tricia for her June 28 letter explaining she protests every Tuesday at courthouse plaza, not to convert others but to speak out peacefully against Trump’s hurtful policies and his attempts to obstruct justice (Mueller report).

— What don’t some American people see in Trump? He has done a lot for the economy and respect for the U.S. abroad. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

— The most important people were not those on the stage; they were the ones watching or not watching the Dem debates. We seem to forget that point.

— I was happy and surprised to see the cartoon in the July 1 Courier regarding “Who won the Democrat debate?” “Trump.” Thank you.

— “It’s impossible for patrol officers to be everywhere at once; therefore, it behooves residents to take responsibility for their safety.” Awesome; an article in the Courier supporting the Second Amendment.

— Hooray to the Courier for an absolutely great editorial regarding Nike bowing to “political correctness and historical revisionism” at the urging of someone who was a marginal football player, at best!

— I urge everyone to read Wil Williams’ column in the July 4 Courier, in which he correctly identifies how to, “If I wanted to destroy the United States.” It is happening, folks!

— Strange how the Left thought it was OK when Obama had the Betsy Ross flag behind him at his inauguration. Where was Kaepernick then? Nike should be ashamed for bowing to such anti-American demands.

— Kudos to the Prescott Police on Park Avenue watching for speeders.

— I and my family attended two sessions of the “World’s Oldest Rodeo.” The Pledge of Allegiance to the flag was not performed at either session. Why?!

— Fireworks. Prescott Valley got it right, Prescott did not. Free in PV, expensive in Prescott. Thank you, Prescott Valley, for a really great fireworks show that didn’t break the bank.

— Prescott Valley, (our taxes) should not have to pay $150,000 to put the light back up at Glassford Hill and Lakeshore; make the trucker pay for it.

— It was rough reading through Will Williams’ July 4 twisted conservative view for our country. I hear Mr. Williams’ worry, but clearly, our younger generation wants more progress, openness, change, and more opportunity and justice for all.

— Wil Williams’ July 4 column was truth on steroids. People who read it and see themselves or their favored politicians should stop participating in these dangerous ideologies. These actions threaten our Republic.

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