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Wed, Oct. 16

Letter: Agree on this


Wayne Compton (June 11 letter, “Never agree on anything”) claims that “psychologists say” that liberals are overly emotional, illogical, irresponsible self-proclaimed victims who cannot relate to our “strong take-charge, tough, get-the-job-done president who takes responsibility for everything.”

Compton needs to acknowledge that many psychiatrists have stated that President Trump is dangerously out of control, and admires homicidal leaders like Nixon, Putin and Kim Jung Un. He has no sense of honor, and lies constantly and compulsively to everybody about everything – including his serial adulteries. Trump is incapable of doing the job of president, nor does he have the staff to do it for him, as evidenced by the constant exodus of employees from the White House.

He has accomplished nothing constructive, increased the national debt by inconceivable amounts, enriched himself and his family at taxpayer expense and accepted “emoluments.” Yet this man, who has never attended church, is worshipped by the Comptons of the world, whose only litmus test seems to be that Trump is “tough” enough to incarcerate babies. How clever of him to have the American taxpayer now paying for the upkeep of 14,000 immigrant orphans.

And the saddest joke of all is that this guy didn’t even win the election – it was completely corrupted and rigged by Russia. Will you ever wake up?

Pam Gordon


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