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Wed, Oct. 16

Letter: Protesters, not crybabies

In his June 10 letter Wayne Compton tells that the Courier “reached new heights by publishing liberal Trump-hating letters” by both Bob Lynne and Larry Wonderling, referring to them and other liberals as ‘crybabies and protesters.’ (Thank you, Tim Wiederaenders, for allowing all voices to be heard) To criticize, condemn, denounce, propose a solution or to offer a better way does not make one a crybaby, regardless of party affiliation. I know both Bob and Larry. Mr. Compton is right in calling them ‘protesters,’ one of the reasons I admire both of them. However, I have never heard them say they ‘hate’ Mr. Compton’s president, but they both speak to the president’s anti-semitic, xenophobic, homophobic and misogynistic views; his authoritarianism; and to his racism and denigration of Latinos, blacks, Muslims and various other groups.

Wayne Compton paints a picture of Liberals and protesters with a very tainted brush. We march, rally, picket, boycott, demonstrate and protest because we do not want to see Trump and his zealot stooges in Congress who place party above principles strip away health care, decimate public education, wage a war on science, weaken labor laws and environmental protections, condone discrimination based on gender or sexual identity, build walls instead of bridges and shut down citizen initiatives that would protect civil liberties and human rights.

Our nation was born of rebellion. Nonviolent protest is the most effective weapon against discrimination and injustice. Protesters contribute their time, energy and passion with the hope of making a better, more just society for all. The civil rights movement, the anti-Vietnam War movement, the women’s movement, the gay rights movement, the labor movement and the environmental movement have changed government policy and, perhaps more importantly, changed how we live today.

We who believe in fairness and justice cannot rest until it comes. Thank you, Bob and Larry and all other Liberals, for standing up and speaking out.

James Kimes

Prescott Valley

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