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Thu, March 21

Letter: Doing more for our country


I write in rebuttal to Mr. Curt Cowell letter dated Jan. 16, 2019. Mr. Cowell poses several questions as to whether or not one would want President Trump as a city councilman, a school superintendent, or any other local office. My answer to those questions is a resounding yes.

He is a highly successful businessmen, great negotiator and proven leader. President Trump has had tremendous success as POTUS. We have a strong economy, low unemployment, better trade agreements, respect around the world and much more. He does this without pay and works more hours than previous presidents, all to make America great.

Mr. Cowell attacks the president’s demeanor and behavior. I contrast this with the past two democrat presidents. President Obama did more for Muslim countries than he did for his own. President Clinton disgraced the office of the president with his sexual exploits.

Your hope for a different republican candidate for president in 2020 is pure fantasy. President Trump will be the candidate and will be reelected. By the way have your party get over the 2016 election, whining is bad form.

Paul Messinger



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