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Sat, Feb. 23
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Letter: Paving the way


We invested in the Town of Prescott Valley decades ago. We wanted to encourage our children and grandchildren to live and work here. We had no thoughts about protesting people who moved here after we did. When their big planned communities came, we didn’t protest. We welcomed them along with the stores, wider roads, new parks, library, hospital and movie theaters that came as growth occurred.

In a sense, we paved the way. We did it for future generations, so they could live in a place that reflected the values of their parents and grandparents. We didn’t invest or work for the people who don’t want “renters,” you know – renters like the newlyweds, downsizing seniors, not-so-well elderly, students, middleclass travelers, “newbies” building a home and/or other objectionable people who can qualify for $1,000 to $2,000 a month to rent.

If this is what we are, take us back to who we were. Maybe the folks who don’t appreciate growth should consider that thousands of us were here before they were. In Prescott Valley, we welcome people. In my family, many of us rented until we saved enough money to buy our first home. Some of our kids bought homes but not all want to. Our grandkids are saving money for their first home but not all are finished with their education. All of them work though!

Sorry folks, but there is just nothing wrong with people who rent. We love our town, renters and all!

Pastor Joe Berna

Prescott Valley


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