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Tue, May 21

Letter: Wall, barrier, whatever!


I’ve wanted to write for months now, where to start? This country is so divided! This morning we watched President Trump after the meeting over the weekend on funding for “The Wall.” The shutdown? The barrier? Whatever! When I was about 5 or 6, many, many, many years ago, Mom, Dad, my sister and I went to Tijuana one day. My sister and I got new boots. When we entered Tijuana, we went through something, a gate, I was too little to know. When we came out, we went through another gate? Barrier, what? My parents were horrified when I stuck my foot out the window to show the man at the gate, barrier, and told him “I got new shoes!” Don’t know what transpired after that, I was little.

Was that a wall? Did Mom and Dad pay a fee or something for my new shoes? That was many years ago.

What has to happen to secure our country? This fight is political, maybe on both sides. Trump ran on securing the border. The liberals are trying to save their necks for the next election. Plain and simple.

God help us all for these idiots in Congress who don’t put this country and our safety first. They know who they are and just keep trying to justify their behavior. Shame on them. I will never vote for them, ever again, haven’t in years, never! I’m sick to death of their rhetoric and thinking we’re all stupid. Problem is, many don’t know what’s going on.

Bernice Cressy

Prescott Valley


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