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Tue, May 21

Letter: Not bound by loyalty


People who place an extreme value on loyalty have always scared me. They tend to treat loyalty as a “stand alone virtue” when, in fact, loyalty is only a virtue if combined with other values … such as honesty, truth, and morality in general.

For example, I love my family but would not protect a family member who commits a horrendous crime. I would most likely turn them in. I am a Republican, but my loyalty lies with my party only if there is a coherence with the other virtues.

There are people that I dislike, may even say I hate, but if someone who I detest says that “2 + 2 =4”, I will agree with them. My feelings about a particular person should not take precedence over the truth. If someone I love lies to me, it does not become a truth.

In today’s political climate, many of us tend to allow loyalty to affect our perceptions and actions instead of keeping an open introspective mind. This applies not only to the Trump supporters of whom many seem to blindly accept everything that he or Fox News regurgitates, but also applies to the bleeding-heart liberals who have put on their mental blinders and follow ridiculously non-pragmatic ideals.

Loyalty alone is a fault and not a virtue, and you must also accept that 2+2 does NOT equal 5 … even if you love, admire, or support the person stating so.

Patrick Leyden



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