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Fri, May 24

Letter: A challenge


I’d just like to state my take on David Stringer: The man was elected a few months ago by a respectable margin. Because of this I don’t think any elected person or body in this state has a moral right, and few have a legal right to challenge his seat... and certainly not in the court of public opinion.

That said, I would like to meet face to face with anyone who is condemning him over his comments and dare them to state in public that they have NEVER said or written anything that could earn them the same condemnation.

If anyone is willing to take this challenge I’ll happily stand before that person and call them a liar. I can’t prove it to be a lie, but they can’t prove it’s not.

Before I go on, I don’t believe Stringer’s statements are racist, but are likely true. Am I a racist? NO! My son married a Hispanic lady and had a son with her. They divorced and he is now engaged to marry an African-American lady that I love like my own children. I accept her, her family and friends.

I have known people of many races, religions, social standings, and political persuasions. I have worked alongside people from many backgrounds, races, religions, nationalities, and every other category and consider many of them friends.

To call me or Mr. Stringer “prejudiced” is a prejudicial slur on the part of the person saying it.

Who’s up to my challenge? Put up or shut up. Show us the courage of your convictions.

Tom Taylor

Prescott Valley


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