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Tue, Oct. 22

Barnes: Thoughts about truth

What a year you have had, Truth.

Frankly, I can’t recall another period in my life where you have been so maligned, mistreated and disparaged.

Not just by ordinary folks, but by leaders of our nation!

That’s the worst part of what has been done to you.

People we have elected to public office have either abandoned you or taken you on rides down slippery slopes.

It is clear to many of your supporters and champions that you have been used in ways that has brought shame — not to you, but to our fellow Americans.

I wonder what you are feeling. Do you feel threatened, discarded, angry?

And how do you feel about your relationship with your cousin, Integrity? She has always stood for honesty, moral soundness, virtue and decency. Are you permanently estranged or is your relationship now based on a cautious, tenuous kinship? Are you still seeking her company or are you feeling unworthy of her love?

I think what is most disturbing to me, Truth, are the lessons our children are learning from the attack on your character. I don’t have the experience to determine how they will be effected by what is happening to you. Will they side with those leaders who are undermining your character and moral soundness, or will they learn to stand firm against the dishonesty and immorality of those who lack moral stature?

Finally, Truth, I know you share my concern about the health and welfare of our planet. It is our home, but more importantly, it is our children’s home and their children’s and all the children yet to be born. Each of us has a responsibility to leave our youngsters a healthy planet that will enable them to live a full life. The President has decided that global warming is not an issue that deserves his — or our nation’s — attention. I find this decision incomprehensible. To question the veracity and warnings of the scientific community is a foolish and dangerous decision that imperils the future of civilization.

There is much more to discuss, Truth; perhaps another day.

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