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Tue, Oct. 22

Volpe: Welcome home to your new city, ‘Calicott’

If Prescott and its surrounding towns continue with their rapid, rabid growth, population explosion, instant housing developments, and demolition derby traffic – problems mostly attributed to Californians migrating here – we will have to change the areas name from Quad Cities, and begin calling it “Calicott.”

I’m certain you have noticed that Prescott and Prescott Valley have been blending into one city over the years. Now with Prescott Valley and Dewey growing toward each other, with plans for additional development, it won’t be long before they are conjoined also. Must these towns connect all the way to Mayer before we realize that we are growing much too fast?

Would you truly like to know what is wrong with our small towns? “People” are the problem, you and I. People attempting to run away from themselves and their environment. And of course, greedy misguided politicians, town council members and planning and zoning committees in their quest for tax revenue.

We visit this area and are immediately attracted to its small town atmosphere. The trill of actually walking through the streets of a town again, window shopping and dining in quaint restaurants. We are captivated by the open spaces with their surrounding views. The antelope grazing in the meadows. We meet and greet people and find they are friendly and have similar backgrounds, ideals, and principles as us. OMG! We discovered Mayberry!

We excitedly sell our home back wherever we came from and use our hard-earned life’s savings and some retirement funds to buy a home in the small town of our dreams. This is our retirement home, our last home front. We have escaped the millions and millions of people. The bumper to bumper traffic. The hustle and bustle of a faster-paced life.

But suddenly our dream vanishes. People begin moving here in droves. People, houses, apartments, stores and hotels begin replacing the open countryside.

Our green open spaces are trampled by people carrying bricks and mortar, as they build unwanted houses, apartments, hotels, stores, sidewalks and roads. The beautiful mountain views are transformed into an unsightly multitude of rooftops. The antelope are transported to areas where Mother Nature never intended them to be. Traffic that heretofore was moderate and slow paced, is now bumper to bumper. Once again we’re caught up in the hustle and bustle. People insanely rushing to get somewhere they would rather not go.

Our small towns begin to conjoin with nearby small towns to become big towns, which expand into small cities. Then before you realize it; one morning you “finally” wake up and notice that urban sprawl has morphed our small towns into a metropolis. Right before our very eyes, our small towns has been swallowed up by the people we thought we left behind. We suddenly realize that moving to a small town is a “Catch 22,” as we begin to experience the adverse effects overpopulation causes our environment; air pollution, global warming, water pollution, water shortage, climate change, and loss of biodiversity.

Unfortunately, we know people who lived here for quite some time who are moving away. We know people who were planning to move here, then decided against it – families that have seen the rapid growth and don’t like what they see. The people we thought we left behind have caught up with us. We are surrounded by people who are continually wanting to change our small towns. Change the way of life we searched our entire life to find. Aunt Bee, Andy, Opie and Barney have moved away. Greedy, money-grubbing people have transformed our Mayberry into “Calicott.” It’s disheartening!

Whose fault is it? “Yours.” “We have met the enemy and they are us!” You elected the know-it-all officials who don’t possess the same ideals and goals as you, officials who are blindly leading us down the wrong path. Those officials work for us. If they don’t do what is best for our towns, let’s boot them out! It’s time the “silent majority” made themselves heard and began representing themselves. It’s time to cease and desist handing out building permits and zoning rights like candy to children. It’ time to put a moratorium on building!

People in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada (especially Las Vegas), Arizona, Colorado and others have been screaming for years that migrating Californians have adversely affected their states. They sell their overpriced homes and use the money to pay cash for a home in these other less expensive states. In the process, they price the locals out of their own housing markets. Californians have already had huge adverse effects on Phoenix and Tucson.

Californians transformed and molded their state into what they believed they wanted. Now, many of them are realizing they helped to create a monster that is devouring their way of life and are in mass exodus mode. California was once one of the best states, now it is the worst!

Have you ever considered that maybe we are trying to secure the wrong border? If walls keep people out, perhaps we should build one on the California side. California transplant resentment has been spreading throughout the West as they flee a failed state, but bring their failed political ideology and “holier than thou attitudes” with them, as they try to turn the West into Caliwash, Caligon, Caliho and Calizona.

Perhaps it’s time to allow California to become and independent country and wall them in without visas.

“Californians made their own beds, now they must lie in them.”

Ciao for now, J.J.

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