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Wed, Oct. 23

Volpe: Is our government ready to confront our drug and immigration problems yet?

I along with all the people of the Quad Cities would like to thank Customs and Border officers for their seizure of 254 pounds of fentanyl along with 395 pounds of methamphetamine headed to Arizona. We would also like to thank Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking, along with local sheriffs and police departments, for their vigilance, enforcement and captures. And let’s be sure to throw a bone to those brave highly trained K9 unit dogs. Without them we would be in even bigger trouble.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration says traffickers have been increasingly smuggling drugs into the United States, with an increasing amount of drugs being detected at the Arizona border — a state where fentanyl overdoses are increasing. PANT says cartels and dealers are continuing to push their poison onto the streets of the Quad Cities. The Federal Centers for Disease Control tells us there were 63,000 overdose fatalities in 2016.

We have a drug problem with Mexico. We have an immigration problem with Mexico. Those problems exist, because Mexico’s government doesn’t have any respect for our government, our country, or us. Mexico’s government officials are fully aware that drugs and illegal immigrants are being transported across our borders daily. They know where the cartels are, and where the drugs are being manufactured. If they continue to pretend they don’t see, or can’t stop these illegal activities, it’s time for our government to stop pussyfooting around, pretending they are our friends and allies. It’s time for our government to act forcibly. If any country deserves to be heavily sanctioned, it’s Mexico.

We must go on the offensive. Shut off foreign aid. Shut down the borders to all traffic, including planes and pedestrians. Anyone on this side who wants to go into Mexico should be given five days to exit. Anyone on the Mexican side must show proof of citizenship to enter. Don’t allow Mexicans/Mexican Americans to send money into Mexico. Stop all trade, including with American companies in Mexico. Don’t allow goods to cross the border in either direction. Put a halt to tourist traffic in either direction. Cancel all permits that allow them to come into our country.

Totally close/shut down the border. The above orders should remain in place until Mexico’s government proves it is serious about relinquishing these problems.

The way things are transpiring, we must stop pretending they are our friends and allies! Mexico needs the United States a hell of a lot more than we need them. It’s time we made them realize that! We must economically bring the Mexican government to its knees. If such orders are put in place, most of our border problems would cease to exist.

As for the people who say this country is made up of immigrants, and our forefathers were all immigrants. The reality is, our ancestors were not able to just walk-in illegally and bring terrorists, drugs, and other illegals with them! They were not able to use our dollars and benefits as non-citizens. Many Mexican people have good intentions; unfortunately, the Mexican government is playing us for fools!

Let’s get serious. Enough is more than enough!

Ciao for now!

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