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Tue, Feb. 18

Hamilton: In 1969 man walked on the moon. In 2019 man is walking on eggshells

HOLLYWOOD — Hello everybody, and God bless America.

Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Comedy Motion Picture, which was set in the world-changing year of 1969. A lot has changed over the past fifty years. In 1969 man walked on the moon, in 2019 man is walking on eggshells.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Bernie Sanders has successfully solidified the left wing of the Democratic Party behind his ideas and proposals. McDonald’s is now offering customers the Bernie Sanders Special. Everything on the menu’s free but the guy behind you in line has to pay for it.

The New York Post reports Americans spent a record fifty-four billion dollars last Saturday in retail stores and in restaurants. Some of the new entrepreneurs are brilliant. In Boston a medical marijuana dispensary has begun selling Pot-Infused Pizza, or as it could be called, one-stop shopping.

The U.S. Geological Survey forecast the dangers from man-made earthquakes in Oklahoma will be the same dangers as the earthquakes threatening California in 2020. That’s their only similarity. If you don’t think Oklahoma and Los Angeles are different, go to each place and order a Mexican Coke.

The Hollywood Reporter rated the twenty-five greatest movies about people who have multiple personality disorders. The top three were the Fight Club, Psycho, and The Shining. The nice thing about multiple personality disorder at Christmas is having the whole family gathered around the table.

Playboy’s Playmate of the Year and former Trump mistress Karen McDougal sued Fox News for defamation. The president is typical of many New York billionaires in his generation. Trump is a man in his 70s, who wants his golf game in the 60s, his country in the 50s, and a girlfriend in her 20s.

President Trump signed a trillion-dollar spending bill on Friday funding the Space Force. The Space Force is tasked to protect the nation against the consequences of any satellite cyber attacks. If an enemy knocked out our Internet for two hours we could temporarily surpass China in productivity.

President Trump issued a video giving his best Christmas wishes to Americans and U.S. troops abroad, following the Queen’s annual Christmas speech and the Pope’s message from Rome. And then Greta Thunberg issued her holiday message. She said how DARE you have a Merry Christmas!

Christmas in New York featured carolers at the Nativity Scene at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church. The story may need re-editing. Scientists say the world’s supply of frankincense could be cut in half over the next fifteen years, but the good news is, we’ve got myrrh running out the wazoo.

Hunter Biden’s paternity suit turned up a detective report that he’s now under criminal probe for fraud, money laundering and ripping off the Sioux in a counterfeit bond deal. That’s right, counterfeiting the Sioux. Joe Biden must be hurt to hear that Hunter is taking after Elizabeth Warren.

The Daily Mail confirmed the Titanic II is set to sail from England to New York City in April but no icebergs to worry about this time. The sinking of the Titanic in 1912 was a major disaster unless you’re a lobster in the kitchen’s open water tank. Then you give your own Free at Last speech.

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