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Tue, Jan. 21

All About Pets: A very grateful feline

Getting Whimsy down from the tree was easier said than done. (Courtesy)

Getting Whimsy down from the tree was easier said than done. (Courtesy)

Have you ever imagined that a cat could be handed a gift for which to be ever grateful, a few days before Thanksgiving?

The other morning, I was very aware of some obnoxious ravens outside my window. Suddenly I realized that the birds were not flying about but were staying pretty much in one place. So I climbed into my empty bathtub to get a better look.

I could see the birds, totally focused on this furry black blob lying on a tree branch. I grabbed my binoculars. I could see that it was a black cat, but if was lying totally still so I wondered if it was even alive or stuck and afraid on this branch of the tree.

Because my neighbor has this black cat who loves to run around the neighborhood, I was concerned that this was her cat. I called her — no answer, but I left the message, “Is your cat at home? There is one that seems to be trapped in a tree across the road from you.”

I went outside for a closer look. As I was watching, other neighbors were walking by with their dogs, and seeing the cat in the tree being tormented by these ravens, they were yelling at the birds to leave the cat alone.

The birds seemed to realize that the walkers meant business, so they positioned themselves on a higher branch and just kept watch.

In the meantime, Debbie, the cat owner appeared. She assured us that it was her very precious Whimsy.

The conversation quickly turned to how could we safely get the cat down from the tree. She was up quite high, but also she was out on a smaller branch — which was not providing great security for her.

Because the wind was blowing, I was concerned that the poor cat would be blown off the branch by a strong gust, and because of the distance to the ground and the rocks at the base of the tree, if she did fall, she would not survive.

Debbie and I discussed alternatives for a rescue. She went in and called the fire department. They told her they were unable to help because of other calls.

Turns out, a miracle was in the making. A couple of guys were a few doors down, doing framing on a new house. I walked over there, immediately saw this extension ladder leaning against the roof where they were working, so, I asked them- “Would you consider helping with a cat rescue?”

Immediately they grabbed the big ladder and followed me the short distance to the tree. Seeing the situation, they went to work, hoisting the ladder against some heavy branches on a nearby bush within reach of the cat. But then the cat moved, so they moved the ladder to the perfect location and headed up. Suddenly, I think Whimsy could see that her best chance at survival was this guy grabbing for her. So she cooperated.

The dear fellow grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and headed back down to the ground. When he was fairly close, he let her loose and she hightailed it across the road and into the door of her house.

Being the talented journalist that I am, I totally forgot to stop and take a photo. So Debbie provided me with a photo of Whimsy on a tree branch. Debbie said that these ravens are constantly plaguing her poor kitty. But also, we later heard that there were a couple of coyotes seen wandering nearby. So if it was the coyotes or the ravens who treed this poor cat, she is safely down and hopefully ever more watchful.

Amazing thanks to these two guys who came to Whimsy’s rescue. What would we ever have done without their help?

Christy Powers is a freelance writer whose passion is studying and writing about pet health, nutrition and training. She can be reached at

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