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Tue, Dec. 10

Barnes: Thoughts about rumors

Dr. Ron Barnes

Dr. Ron Barnes

You are often astounding, Rumor.

Has there ever been a swifter traveler?

Here today, there tomorrow, like a shot you speed from one inquisitive party to another.

Your origin interests me. Are you created by ordinary people, or are there skilled practitioners out there devoted to the craft of inventing you?

Are you at your best when rooted in fanciful imagination, or do you prefer a semblance of reality as your base?

I have observed that you are not always entirely wrong, yet seldom altogether right. You have a propensity to be easily twisted by those who practice the art of manipulation. You often begin in one form, but are transformed each time you pass from one person to another. Does this bother you?

It appears also that you are most active in times of stress. The more people feel affected and disturbed by negative forces, the more you seem to multiply into countless configurations. I have seen you cast into perplexing, impossible shapes by persons willing to believe anything you have to offer.

Why are you willing to be so flexible? Or is the choice ours and you are merely an inanimate instrument within our minds?

My primary question is about the relationship with your cousin, Truth. Are you permanently estranged, or is your relationship based on a cautious, tenuous kinship? Frankly, I have considerable doubts that you may possess a common ancestry. Most of the time, I cannot conceive there are blood ties between the two of you.

What I find fascinating is the basic difference between you and Truth. You are mercurial, flitting contagiously among your fans or practitioners, yet seldom remaining. You rarely take up residence but Truth does. While you race on and assume new forms, Truth stays and submits to examination and is eager to answer questions and field doubts which, it appears to me, you shun.

While you are transitory and continually in transition, Truth establishes herself within us and opens her being to whatever inquiry people wish to pursue. While you hide within unreasonable and often, wild emotions, your cousin encourages reasoned, impassioned discussion.

I know you have the power to remain a force in our lives as long as human beings exist, but I hope we will be intelligent and caring enough to restrict your actions and minimize your influence.

What’s that you say about human nature?

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