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Tue, Feb. 25

Hamilton: Please don’t block rats’ view of the baseball game

HOLLYWOOD — God bless America, and how’s everybody?

The Baltimore Sun reported Saturday that four Baltimore Orioles fans were kicked out of the team’s Camden Yards stadium on Friday night for unfurling a pro-Trump banner in the bleachers. There were no objections to the content of the banner. It just made it harder for rats to see the game.

CNN interviewed a leader of the Aryan Nations white nationalists who told the reporter that white nationalists hate Donald Trump. White Nationalism supports the racist belief that European Americans are as good as British Americans. I can only pray that these sick people get well someday.

Queen Elizabeth will host a ceremony Thursday saluting the incredibly brave soldiers, sailors and pilots who won World War II. An RAF veteran of the Battle of Britain died late Friday hours after he celebrated his 100th birthday. His grandson admits that hiring the stripper was a big mistake.

California shielded Kamala Harris’s record of prosecutions when she was attorney general to protect her from attack for being too tough on minorities. Kamala is half-black, half-Asian Indian. Her black side championed social justice but her Hindu side jailed more black men than Lincoln freed.

Walmarts are always a fun place for me to go whenever I’m out of L.A. and can find one. In most towns I’m a four or a five, but at a Walmart I’m a solid eight. Last year in Phoenix, when I made it through self-checkout without needing any assistance, they offered to make me district manager.

President Trump flies to El Paso today to meet with the mayor and offer all federal assistance to victims of last Saturday’s mass shooting. Naturally, it’s being politicized. The mainstream media is stoking public fears that White Nationalism could ruin the 12 years we have left on this planet.

The Gilroy, El Paso and the Dayton shootings ran the year’s total of U.S. mass shootings into the hundreds, while the left blamed it on Trump and the right blamed it on video games. The joke is on the Central American immigrants who came here looking for asylum. Welcome to the nuthouse.

The El Paso shooter drove to El Paso from Dallas to carry out his shooting of Hispanics at the Walmart in a blind racist rage Saturday. In an unintended way, the shooter may have proved his point, that we can’t let asylum seekers and war refugees into the U.S. It’s too dangerous for them here.

The White House on Monday condemned the culture of gun violence and the hatred behind the motives of mass shooters. All day long, cable TV news focused its coverage upon the body count from the shootings in El Paso and Dayton. The Mayor of Chicago promised they’ll do better next weekend.

The White House stated Friday it’s suspended the press credentials for the Playboy magazine White House correspondent for 30 days. Playboy has really downsized ever since Hugh Hefner died. Now it is only covering men who sleep with supermodels and not the supermodels themselves.

The White House wants to require asylum seekers to apply in their home countries for U.S. asylum rather than at the border. It’s a presidential directive. The Trump Doctrine states that if you give a man a fish, you will feed him for a day, but if you deport that man, you don’t have to feed him at all.

The Supreme Court handed Trump a victory, ruling he may spend $2 billion allocated to the Pentagon to build the wall. It was a bittersweet moment for one man. In prison, El Chapo felt so replaced when he read the headline, Supreme Court Delivers Blow to Border Crossers.

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