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Mon, Oct. 21

Hamilton: President Trump tweets about Tiger’s win at the Masters

HOLLYWOOD — God bless America, and how’s everybody?

President Trump sent out tweets during the Masters on Sunday as he rooted for his buddy Tiger Woods to win. Afterwards Tiger got a nice tweet from Trump. He never let his marriage-wrecking mistresses interfere with his golf game or his rise to the top, and neither did Woods.

Woods completed the greatest comeback in history by winning his fifth Masters title and $11 million Sunday. You know it’ll be an election issue. I’m looking at my watch and just waiting for CNN to announce that Tiger won $11 million in reparations from the Masters.

The U.S. Capitol was rocked by the Inspector General’s reporting listed 57 accusations of sexual harassment against members of Congress by the U.S. Capitol’s custodial staff. This could hurt the Democrats. Now, members of Congress have one less reason to support illegal immigration.

Bernie Sanders admitted he’s a millionaire and tried to assure socialists that his wealth is due to his book sales. Last week a fan went into an Iowa bookstore and asked the owner for Bernie’s book, and the owner said he’s sold out. The fan said THAT’s the book, do you have it in paperback?

The Chicago Tribune reported GOP lawmakers in Springfield are proposing legislation which would separate Chicago from Illinois and make it a separate state. Lately the city’s had a run of bad publicity. I know a hit man who is considering moving out of Chicago to avoid being stereotyped.

Oprah aired her explicit interviews with Michael Jackson’s accusers in the HBO documentary “Leaving Neverland”. Jackson’s family responded, insisting he was acquitted in court. The day when Michael Jackson heard the jury found him innocent, for the briefest of moments, his face went black.

Los Angeles street gangs declared a temporary truce in honor of slain rap star Nipsey Hussle to honor the peacemaking hip-hop artist. They gave him a respectful send-off. At Nipsey’s funeral procession in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, he was given a 21 gun salute, wounding four.

Scientific American reported Thursday that molecular biologists in New England announced they’ve just discovered a brand new form of matter. The scientists looked at the matter’s molecular structure and say it’s liquid and solid at the same time. It sounds like they’ve discovered Mexican food.

China News reports North Korea’s Kim Jung Un resumed staging executions for anti-socialist behavior before thousands of people in a public square. On Friday he ordered the execution of two fortune tellers by firing squad. If anything, he should have made them guess which chamber is empty.

The Discovery Channel aired stunning photos Friday of the Black Hole of the universe which scientists say is where all matter goes. The black hole is 50 million light years away. In other space news, Israel landed on the moon Wednesday, and claimed it as a new home for the Palestinians.

The Drug Enforcement Administration reported Friday that meth manufacturing has become is a major problem in New Jersey in this past year. DEA agents warn the public that meth labs smell like burning plastic, cat urine and rotten eggs. It’s why meth labs tend to go unnoticed in New Jersey.

Houston police reported Thursday that Trivago’s TV commercial pitchman Tim Williams was found passed out behind the wheel of his car on the side of an expressway downtown. He was arrested, booked and charged with drunk driving. The good news, is he got a terrific deal on a jail cell.

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