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Sat, Aug. 24

Letter: Hillary Clinton and security violations

Hillary Clinton and security violations


Now that Muller and his team of 13-15 Democrat lawyers have vindicated Trump from colluding with the Russians, the real collusion between Hillary, DNC, FBI, CIAAA and AG with Russia should be investigated.

Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, had a private server set up, without the government’s umbrella of security to send and receive her emails of which some were classified.

Of the 30,000 emails reviewed by the FBI there were over 100 that were classified, with 12 classified as Top Secret.

When T Goudy interviewed Comey, ex-head of FBI, concerning the security violations Hillary amassed, Comey agreed that Hillary lied five times to the congressional committee about her obvious violations.

Comey vindicated Hillary of her security violations before the FBI interviewed her. After the FBI interview Comey vindicated her claiming Hillary’s violations were “extremely careless. A definition of “careless” is taking insufficient care, or negligent.

What Hillary did and continued to do was to send and received classified material on an unsecured server. These are deliberate repeated acts of security violations and not “extreme careless” as claimed by Comey.

Also, Comey does not have the authority to vindicate Hillary, only the AG has this authority. Comey should have been fired by Trump immediately after Comey’s phony excuse of Hillary violating the handling of classified material.

As President Trump can fire Comey for anything or nothing. Hillary holds the record for security violations.

Jerry Fowler


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