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Tue, Oct. 22

Thank You Notes: Money, Angel, Car care, Autism, Helper, Heart attack and Paying it forward

Saving me money


Kudos to Rhonda, pharmacy technician, at the Fry’s pharmacy on Fair Street. After looking at the cost of the drug for my dog, she searched additional discount sites and saved me $72 for the prescription plus updating my dog’s Rx records.

I can’t say enough to thank her for her time and courtesy.

Mary Carlton Prescott

Angel in black


On May 31, while driving up Senator Highway, my car went off the road and into a tree. As I looked out the side window, I saw a man dressed in black coming down the ravine toward me.

When he got to the car, he told me he was a retired EMT from Tucson and was there to help. He calmly instructed me to put the car in park and shut off the key (never occurred to me), and he held my head perfectly still and talked quietly with me until the ambulance arrived. He then disappeared.

I don’t know his name but will be forever grateful for his kindness.

Paula Hilton Prescott

Car care


I would like to extend congratulations to the employees of NAPA Auto Parts. I’m an older guy and on oxygen.

Recently, I had a tire blow out near NAPA. I got the car into the parking lot and asked where the nearest tire shop was. They kindly offered to inflate the tire with their compressor and this allowed me to drive to Big O Tires, which is another story of how kind and great people were to me.

NAPA and its manager are without a doubt the true source of Prescott’s best. I have bought a lot of parts from them over the years both in Prescott and Prescott Valley.

I was really stuck — even though I had a spare donut in the trunk — I could not have changed the tire, so thank you, NAPA. You saved an old guy in 90-degree weather and I will continue to be a customer.

James Naumann Prescott

Autism aid for Abbi


While people elsewhere wax poetic about having a supportive community, Prescott really lives up to its reputation as “Everybody’s Hometown.” You see, my oldest daughter, Abbi, born right there at Yavapai Regional Medical Center, has special needs including severe Autism.

In Prescott, Abbi had wonderful services from DDD, NARBHA, and ALTCS, such as OT, PT, ST, a communication-device, respite, and rehabilitation. She also went to an incredible school that she attended for Autism, called ASCEND.

We left Arizona three years ago to head toward hopes for a better financial opportunity. We thought that Abbi’s services would transfer. We quickly realized that was not true. In fact, there’s a 13-year wait-list for any services at all. Public schools were not an option as they threatened to Taser her for poor behavior.

In March, Abbi was admitted to the ER because her symptoms were simply beyond what we could handle alone. There was nothing they could do for her, and the social workers confirmed that there is truly nothing for her where we were.

When I called crying to my best friend, Rachel, a Prescott native, she assured me that we would find a way to get Abbi back to Prescott, and to the treatment she deserves and so desperately needs. Almost immediately she began planning a benefit concert featuring local bands at the Taj-Mahal on the evening of July 9.

Since then the community has rallied with donations for a silent auction, words of support, and more. The care, concern, and selflessness that the people of Prescott have given to my daughter has changed our world.

We cannot wait to finally come home to Prescott again.

Kristin Rose Prescott

Help at the store


I had a nice surprise at Sprouts (Prescott) recently. In the parking lot, a young man hopped out of his mom’s car, introduced himself, unloaded all my groceries, and took the cart back.

How nice was that!

Great job, Ryan.

Robert Markwardt Prescott

Heart attack averted


I would like to thank the kind lady who rushed me (a total stranger) to the emergency room — breaking speed limits and running stop lights. Everything worked out. I avoided another heart attack and I attribute that to her concern for a complete stranger. This happened on Friday, June 22, in the early morning. She rushed me to YRMC emergency.

Thank you.

Jeff Rothamer Prescott

Paying it forward


On a recent morning, my wife and I had breakfast at Sally B’s. There was a young couple enjoying their meal two tables across from us. They left before we were finished.

When we went to pay for our meal, there was some confusion as to where our check was. I was told that the couple paid for our breakfast. Their show of kindness is deeply appreciated.

We would have liked to thank them personally, but since I didn’t get a name, we will thank them through this letter.

We will do our best to continue the “pay it forward” movement I’ve seen in the past. Thank you again, kind and mystery couple.

Rex and Pat Borra Dewey

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