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Wed, July 17

Letter: DOD budget


Recently a rant to The Daily Courier claimed that the U.S. military spending was 61 percent of the federal budget. To confirm my suspicion that 61 percent was either a typo or misrepresentation, I researched several sources via Google and found that US military spending is 21 percent not 61 percent.

One could claim that even 21 percent was too high when compared to many NATO countries that don’t even meet their commitment of 2 percent military budget. However, those lower spending countries can keep their spending at a paltry amount because they rely upon the US to be, right or wrong, their protector should defense of their citizens become necessary. Who would come to our rescue should we not commit to our defense in spite of some adversary countries more than currently spend far greater than our 21 percent in hopes of annihilating the US in the not so distant future?

Before we suggest that we are over spending on defense, make sure the facts are correct (i.e. 21 percent not 61 percent) and make sure that the defense of our country is not compromised by any politically motivated draconian cuts.

Dennis McCreight



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