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Wed, July 17

Friday Catchall: Bike safety, yes; more meetings, no

The Friday Catchall:

• BIKES VS. VEHICLES – The crash involving a car and a 9-year-old girl this past weekend in Prescott produced several comments worth noting.

In response to the news and my column on Sunday, “Bicycling should not be a high-risk activity,” the chairman of Prescott’s Pedestrian Bicycle and Traffic Advisory Committee, Bill Fanelli, wrote:

“Unfortunately, I am aware of two other (collisions) in the Prescott area within the past two weeks (both on White Spar Road), one of which resulted

in serious injuries to the cyclist; the other was ‘fortunate’ ... his words ... ‘to land on his head after he flipped over the car.’ He was wearing a helmet.

“Having moved to Prescott from Chicago four years ago specifically for cycling, I agree with your statement that more needs be done. … as part of our monthly (committee) meetings we review all reported pedestrian and bicycle incidents to determine what we can do to try to prevent future occurrences.”

Expect more on this topic. Fanelli and I will be meeting too.

Ironically, that brings me to another comment I received – centering on committees and meetings.

“Mary” told me in a phone call “one of the problems around here is there are too many committees and too many meetings. Why don’t we put some of

those unused police cars, as ghost cars, in choice locations and step up patrols? The side streets are speedways and our children are in harm’s way. What we need is action.”

I could not agree more. Two calls to Prescott Police to ask about the ghost cars and patrols went unreturned prior to press time for this column, but Lead Officer Dave Fuller has previously said the department is committed to pedestrian and bicyclists’ safety.

As I stated Sunday, safety matters — especially for our children.

• JUNIOR BONNER – One movie very aptly defines a major part of Prescott, and that is the 1972 drama “Junior Bonner,” starring Steve McQueen.

The movie is about a wandering middle-aged rodeo rider who returns to his Arizona hometown, and reunites with his family. It centers on Junior wanting to claim victory at the “World’s Oldest Rodeo.”

That script was written by Jeb Rosebrook, who died Aug. 31 at the age of 83.

I have been trading emails with his son, Stuart, for some time now – about his dad’s book, “Junior Bonner.” And, while Jeb’s health had been up and down, I did not anticipate Stuart’s note:

“I regret to inform you on the passing of my father Jeb Rosebrook on Aug. 31, 2018. He loved Prescott, Yavapai County and the Orme School. The land and the people helped define him, his life and our family.”

Sad news. As a tribute, we still plan to publish the book review and more about Jeb’s relationship with Prescott. Watch the Courier and in the coming days.

• KYL, THE NEW MCCAIN – Former Sen. Jon Kyl is now a Senator again, as the temporary replacement in John McCain’s office.

Kyl served three terms in the Senate before retiring in 2012, and was a good, safe pick by Gov. Doug Ducey.

Kyl is poised to participate in some key votes, including the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as a justice on the Supreme Court.If you’re wondering how Kyl would vote on that, consider that before the appointment, Kyl was Kavanaugh’s Senate guide, accompanying him on courtesy visits to Capitol Hill.

Unfortunately, Kyl has committed to serve only until the end of the current congressional session on Jan. 3, 2019. What comes next will be interesting (more on that later).

Still, Kyl will also have the chance to cast key votes, also on spending bills to keep the government running. McCain, who died last month at age 81, has a good man in his office.

That’s enough for now.

• QUOTE – “Vote for the man who promises least; he’ll be the least disappointing.” – Bernard Baruch

• PICK OF THE WEEK – (Proving there’s always something good to do in the Prescott area that’s cheap or free): Check out Prescott Valley’s Healing Fields next week; in honor of the 9/11 victims and Prescott’s fallen Hotshots it is a moving experience. It’s at the Civic Center; visit for more info.

Tim Wiederaenders is the senior news editor for The Daily Courier and Prescott News Network. Follow him on Twitter @TWieds_editor. Reach him at 928-445-3333, ext. 2032, or

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