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Wed, March 20

Letter: We have enough to deal with


I guess we don’t have enough to deal with in this country. OPOIDS, MS-13 gangs, school shootings, attempted bombings and division between parties supposedly there “for the people.” Our health care isn’t as good as I thought. I just finished a class in Prescott; the last day members expressed what they thought of their doctors and the hospitals here. Wasn’t good! Many go to Flagstaff for care. We watched a segment about mothers dying after having babies, which can be avoided with proper care.

Now or very soon anyone can buy blueprints off the internet and instructions on how to build guns. No background or mental stability check, no license, nothing. Those with equipment to build these guns will make a fortune selling them. Anybody worried? The man responsible feels it’s his right to do this with Obama approving the first part and President Trump saying he’ll check into it. I would think the NRA would fight this ridiculous plan. I have no qualms with the NRA, but who actually needs an AR-15 except those playing macho man. Last week there were 50 shootings in Chicago, five died. But Chicago law enforcement prides themselves for collecting a large number of illegal guns. Appears to be a waste of time, you think?

On “60 Minutes” last night, Sweden’s plans regarding gun control works very well. Everyone has one, all are trained and licensed and have instructions, including women. Their crime rate is very low. Does America learn from anything anymore?

What rights do we citizens have? Apparently not many.

Bernice Cressy

Prescott Valley


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