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Sat, Feb. 23
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Williams: The death of advice and consent

The Democrat Party has streamlined our legal system. It has decided we no longer need to honor the concept of a Presumption of Innocence, a doctrine that’s been around since sixth century Roman law; “Proof lies on him who asserts, not on him who denies.” Every school child knows that a person is innocent until proven guilty. And guilt can only be found after a trial in which specific charges are made by a plaintiff and evidence is examined by a jury.

According to Sens. Mazie Hirano and Chris Coons, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee tasked with determining whether to advance Judge Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination to the Senate floor for confirmation, we shouldn’t waste time on legal charges from the plaintiff, evidence to prove those charges or a trial. Bottom line, if Bret Kavanaugh can’t prove he didn’t sexually molest Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford in 1982, he’s guilty. I wonder how Mazie and Chris managed to graduate from law school since they, seemingly, don’t understand even the basics of western jurisprudence? Bret Kavanaugh is correct, the Advice and Consent function of the Senate Judiciary Committee has been changed to a seek and destroy function.

Democrats are more than willing to destroy our legal system to feed their lust for power. Republican Lindsey Graham was justified when he characterized Judiciary Committee Democrat behavior as the most “unethical sham” he’d ever seen in politics. He was being very kind in his assessment.

Let’s look at some of the stellar Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee who, ironically, are asked to judge Bret Kavanaugh’s morality. Ranking member Dianne Feinstein became aware of Dr. Ford’s allegations of sexual misconduct SIX WEEKS before she mentioned them to the Committee just prior to the scheduled committee vote. Until this gutter scheme, she was a respected senior member of the Democrat Party. She has now proven that she’s no better than a political hack who favors party over principle.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal on the Committee was caught lying on at least two occasions about his mythical military service in Vietnam.

Democrat Cory Booker was also of questionable moral character when he boasted that he would risk his position on the Committee by releasing confidential Senate documents. His self-proclaimed “Spartacus moment” was deflated by the fact that Booker knew the documents had previously been de-classified. It’s interesting that Booker also admitted groping a girl in high school.

Democrat Sen. Mazie Hirano of Hawaii recently suggested that men “shut up and step up,” intimating that women are truth tellers and men are liars automatically by virtue of their gender. She stated that she believed Dr. Ford even though no evidence of the sexual assault had been provided and witnesses identified by Dr. Ford refused to support her allegations.

The reputation of Democrat Judiciary Committee members hasn’t improved since 2017 when then ranking member John Conyers resigned in the wake of sexual harassment allegations. I don’t recall outcries from these same Democrats that Conyers was guilty.

I haven’t heard a whimper from these Democrats calling Democrat National Committee Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison guilty when domestic abuse allegations were made public against him, one of them just weeks ago. The allegations from Karen Monahan, his ex-girlfriend, are bolstered by medical records confirming her recent physical injuries. A 2005 police report from another woman leveling domestic abuse charges against Ellison has also been ignored.

The Democrat’s strategy of taking their football and going home since Trump won the election may have worked in grade school, but it is a sad commentary on Democrats who are supposed to be adults serving in the Senate.

I will be embarrassed for them since they have no shame of their own.

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