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Wed, Oct. 23

Cantlon: Claims of the other side’s hate shouldn’t be repeated

One case of minorities having police called for nothing, but the piece also gives links to several others.

A review of John McCain's efforts to try to get comprehensive immigration reform, which was not at all like open borders, in each case a bipartisan effort that Democrats supported.

Two pieces giving good analysis and different parts of current Democratic positions on dealing with immigrants which have nothing to do with open borders.

In a column last Sunday, in this paper, syndicated columnist Michael Reagan chose to accuse those who disagree with him of having nothing but hate. That’s obviously wrong. Most people on both sides are not for their sides out of hate. It’s a sad thing to be promoting. It’s a damaging and irresponsible thing to be spreading, especially so shortly after recent deadly attacks by some individuals against groups they hated.

Reagan slightly qualified his statement by saying that Democrats’ hate was for Donald Trump. The headline put it more generally implying it is all that Democrats are about. In any case, if you only get news from one-sided sources which only echo these ideas you may not know that you’re being lied to. Some news sources state lies repeatedly, like that Democrats want open borders (They don’t. See the links with this column online), or they want the country to turn to something like Venezuelan socialism, or they are about nothing but hate.

What they are is angry, at how Trump has worsened corruption by putting industry executives in charge of departments that are supposed to keep those very industries within legal lines, and the many cases of corruption of numerous of those department heads. Angry at Trump’s endless lies and extreme divisiveness. At GOP leadership for countless lies, and the “win at all costs” approach that goes so far as to let essential American institutions and standards be severely weakened. Some on either side who are angry will let that anger become hate, but it doesn’t start from hate. It starts from actions by current leadership that they rightly oppose and which rightly warrant an angry response.

In some cases that anger shows up as protests, which is fine. It shows up as citizens harassing officials at dinner, which wouldn’t be my choice, but then they are officials. For a completely different group, their anger shows up in the numerous recent cases of private citizens simply trying to go home and getting stopped by someone who thinks minorities shouldn’t be in the neighborhood and who call police, while spouting their open racism. But then people who are overtly racist are one clear case of people acting out of hate. There’s no denying it for them.

Are Democrats angry? Yes. Do they want open borders and socialism? No. The core is not hate, as anyone being honest would say about either side. Well, again, except for those acting out of racism. Reagan said Democrats don’t love their country, but they are angry because of the damage being done to the country they love.

The country, to put it plainly, is taking big steps toward descending into chaos. Those steps are being pushed along by some of our leaders, and allowed to happen by many others. This internal destruction is the most serious threat since the Civil War.

The rhetoric that is being casually thrown around, and repeated by media, leaves me, frankly, fearful for the nation, and I’m not ashamed to own that fear because it’s appropriate. But that fear should lead to us being roused to defend our country. Not in a military fashion, but by upholding our country.

Spreading the idea that either side’s opposition is nothing more than hate, except in the case of racism where it’s obviously true, only adds to the atmosphere of hate. It’s irresponsible and creates serious damage.

Tom Cantlon is a local business owner and writer and can be reached at comments at

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