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Tue, Nov. 12

Halloween Stories: Letter from a woman’s aunt retells frightening experience

Readers share their creepy, paranormal experiences

In anticipation of Halloween, The Daily Courier put out a reader appeal earlier this month inviting all quad-city residents to submit true stories of the creepiest or most paranormal encounters they’ve ever experienced. The deadline for submissions was Oct. 21 and readers responded with some great stories ranging from seeing ghosts in the night to extended periods of unusual, unexplained disturbances in their homes or work places. The Courier will run these stories leading up to Wednesday, Oct. 31.

In 1976, Olive McKenney, now 97 years old, was corresponding with her aunt Jeanne via hand-written letters.

Olive had written to Jeanne about an experience she had where she woke one morning to find her late mother standing by her bed briefly before disappearing.

Jeanne connected with this story, saying she experienced something similar shortly before her husband was killed in an elevator accident years before.

Here is what Jeanne wrote to Olive:

I think sometimes a thing like this happens to show there is really a life (a real life) after death. I think I have always believed this to be true.

About one month before Earl died, I was awakened during the night, about 4 a.m., with a loud noise like someone lifting an entire window pane out.

As I opened my eyes, I saw someone all in white walking in our room right past the foot of our bed, looking over its shoulder at us. Then I saw the form walk out of the room again, and again the same

loud noise I had heard in the beginning.

Well, I was scared stiff. I thought someone had gotten in our house. I woke Earl, and he got up, and he and I went all over the house and even out in the yard but found nothing. However, four weeks from that night he was lying dead.

All during that weird experience, the 23rd psalm was going through my mind as though I was saying it over to myself. For all these years I have wondered about this, but the only decision I can come up with is that God was truly showing me that there is another life after death.

For years and years after it happened, I was really a nervous wreck, for I never want to see anything like that again. I do not believe in spiritualism – yet I do think there is a spirit world.

—Olive McKenney, Prescott

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