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Sun, April 21

Letter: A real community

A real community


Okay, who’s in favor of it? Social Security? Anyone ready to give up their Social Security? I mean, anyone but very wealthy people? What about Medicare? Are those who have it, glad they do?

Let’s try some others like police protection, fire fighters and the armed services. Want to keep those? And roads, aren’t those better than dirt tracks—though I admit they’re sometimes in bad need of repairs. Parks, getting your mail, I could name a whole lot more. And here’s a big one—education. For ourselves and our offspring, and those around us so that the country prospers, and therefore we prosper.

These are all wonderful conveniences that we’ve come to depend on, ones we consider our rights as Americans, ones that have become necessities for a respectable life. And how do we obtain them? Through cooperation, by paying taxes according to what we can afford. It’s the way we build a community, a country, a world worth living in. The trouble is, many Republicans are calling all these services socialism and making dire predictions that we’ll become a dreaded ‘socialist’ country. They want to do away with all these advantages we’ve developed and privatize them so that the wealthy can make all the decisions. Talk about loss of freedom!

But this isn’t socialism. This is working together to build a meaningful world for people now and in the future. This is what civilized people do.

Susan Lanning

Prescott Valley


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