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Sun, July 21

Letter: May I have more, sir?


I want to know how a school can tell a young child that they cannot have seconds on lunch. My daughter attended Del Rio School to have Thanksgiving lunch with her daughter recently. While there, a little boy went up and asked for seconds on the turkey. He was told “no.”

There was plenty of turkey so that was not the reason why he was told “no.” I called the school and spoke to someone in the cafeteria. They informed me that they have been directed not to give seconds. I was given the name of the gentleman to contact who gave this directive. His response to me is that they have to make sure there is enough food to feed everyone. I told him that this was the last class getting food, and this child could be very hungry. Again he had an answer: We know which children need the extra food and we send them home with food on the weekend.

Here is my biggest concern. We don’t know if this is the only meal he will be getting today and the portions they give are really quite small for some children. I am livid that a child would not be allowed to have seconds on the main course. He was not asking for more dessert; he asked for more turkey.

I need parents to call and voice their concern over this situation. Children should not be told, “No, you can’t have more food.” We can’t solve all the problems in the world, but we can solve this one.

Rachel Griffin

Chino Valley


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