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Thu, March 21

Rants & Raves: Nov.11, 2018

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– Shame on parents who don’t vaccinate their children – when there’s no medical reason. They risk death or serious illness for their beloved kids, and risk the same for kids who medically can’t be vaccinated. Measles can kill!

– Bravo for running Rich Manieri’s column, “Maybe we should try listening, for a change.” He hit the nail on the head. I might not agree with him 100 percent, but he made reasonable arguments on both sides of the political divide.

– Ever considered why this country is building more aircraft carriers? We have more aircraft carriers than the rest of the world. Who would challenge the U.S.A.? Our national debt continues to rise. And, more U.S.A. people need a break.

– I like how your newspaper generates both views regarding the left and right. I am registered as an Independent and watch/listen to both sides. The one thing to remember is we are all Americans. Period. Democracy is messy.

– I could be wrong. It seems to me that car speeds on Gurley and Sheldon streets seem to be rising.

– Twelve people murdered in California. So this is the America we wanted? Really?!

– This is a Rave: I was at YRMC’s ER being diagnosed with pneumonia. That ER staff is very professional. Thank you.

– Now that we have re-elected Paul Gosar and David Stringer, let us hope they can refrain from embarrassing us.

– In 1947, Congress passed an amendment limiting the President to two terms, stating: “Too much power for too long is a threat to our freedom.” Same term limits for House and Senate should apply for the same reason.

– Doesn’t it seem more politicians are accusing their rivals of treason? I wouldn’t toss that word around lightly.

– OK, I’m just going to say it: I really don’t like this country sometimes. The mass shootings, the broken families, funerals, flags at half-staff, the guns, guns, guns, nastiness, finger-pointing, do-nothing politicians. I’m sick of it.

– Once again Arizona will look like a third world, backwater state when it comes to reporting election results. Twenty-four hours after the polls close and we are told it will be three to four more days. What a DISGRACE!

– Restaurants are not banks. When people go out to eat why can’t they bring small bills for a tip? As a cashier it gets frustrating to have to keep getting money so you can break a big bill.

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