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Fri, May 24

Letter: Migrant caravans


I find I need to respond to the increasingly hostile response to the caravans forming in Central America by people who are seeking to escape the destructive forces there that threaten both life and economic stability.

Have we as a nation forgotten the degree to which we are either immigrants or descendants of immigrants ourselves? Have we turned our backs on our heritage of English religious dissenters, Irish victims of famine, European and Asian refugees from the destruction of World War II, Korea or Viet Nam? These people trudging toward our southern border are not bandits, dope peddlers, or criminals. They are discouraged, defeated, suffering human beings, just as those earlier refugees we descended from.

Surely, the United States of America, the home of the Statue of Liberty, can do better than send in the troops or build a ludicrous and hideous wall. Previous refugees have become part of the fabric of our national success, and I believe we can find ways of giving these suffering people the same hope that makes our lives worth living.

Gerald Hammon



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