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Fri, May 24

Letter: Hate-press wrong


Like others, I wonder what the net effect of the bomber news (Cesar Altieri Sayoc Jr. has been charged with sending explosive packages to at least a dozen of President Donald Trump’s critics) will bring. Hopefully it will contribute to a lessoning of tensions and more dialog.

Two of the cable outlets acknowledged the deep division in this country. One of these talking-heads actually made a few conciliatory pronouncements. At the end of what seemed to be a reasonable assessment of today’s world, he blamed President Trump for instigating the drama. Not a word was spoken about the years of media hate-spewing. Nope. They would not point to themselves as twisting the news or outright lying. It was the other guy. They do not present their contribution as being part of the problem.

The famous and foul-mouthed Ms. Waters (U.S. Rep. Maxine, D-Calif.), listed three causes for the current violence in the US. If she had only looked in the mirror she would have seen that she was guilty of exactly of the same inciting rhetoric that she was accusing others of committing.

I doubt of the hate-press will ever try to do their part in bring the country together. That would mean giving up their boundless loathing of Trump … something they seem to thrive on.

Kip Koehle



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