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Fri, May 24

Letter: Who are we?


The day after the 1960 presidential election, I saw a man wearing a sign, “I voted for Nixon” pushing another man in a wheelbarrow. He had an “I voted for Kennedy” sign. Both were laughing. Both were confident the country would be in capable patriotic hands.

Now picture the same scene in 2016 with a Trump voter in the wheelbarrow pushed by a Hillary supporter? Hard to imagine, isn’t it?

The media, nihilistic politicians, and college faculty have joyfully riled us up and given us faceless, nameless, and in many cases guileless enemies on either side at which to direct our anger. Ideology has become everything. We as Americans have allowed ourselves to be manipulated into two boiling camps angry with each other for no reason except we disagree.

Would that we could return to listening to one another and expressing our views calmly. Instead, “True Believers” shout down those who disagree, harass the “enemies” at home, at airports, and at restaurants. They shoot them while they play baseball and stab them at political gatherings.

There’s an old lawyer axiom, “If you have the evidence, pound the evidence. If you have the testimony, pound the testimony. If you don’t have evidence or testimony, pound the table.” Ask yourself, “Why are we happily listening to those pounding the table?”

Maybe it’s time to calm down and take stock. Who are we as Americans?

Mike Bellsmith



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