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Wed, Feb. 26

Rants&Raves: May 13, 2018

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  • HUSD teachers required to work 5 days with no students to fulfill contract. Aren’t they supposed to “provide instruction” for 180 days? So what are they going to do if no students?
  • McSally will sue the government for her rights as a female in the military but wants to deny other women the right to determine their futures by having control over their own bodies. Another self-righteous female Republican
  • Stop.”Developing “the Dells. They are fine in natural state. Make it a state park area so developers leave it alone.
  • I find it interesting that writers are glad that the teachers strike is teaching the students about our democracy? What democracy? I guess history isn’t being taught anymore, the last I remember our system of government was a republic? Try the pledge of allegiance.
  • Surprise, surprise. Was there ever any doubt that the self-serving board of Yavapai College would not vote to saddle the property owners with another 2% increase that they can do just by their own “vote”? It’s got to stop.
  • Tell the truth, there is a big difference between house kittens and Bobcats. People nowadays think if they are kind to wild animals, the animals will reciprocate. It does not work that way. Wild in wild animals means just that.
  • Prescott needs to bring our airport terminal into the 20th century, as well as larger air-carriers. The airplanes that carry passengers out, bring passengers in as well. They have multiple purposes other than just picking up passengers leaving Prescott.
  • Our City is growing, which makes me very happy. This means there will be an increase of air travelers as well, so, we need to be ready to meet the demands for these vacationers and business people.
  • Sounds like we have no choice. Pay more taxes or pay more (property) taxes. And also seems like we are being threatened: do this or else! What happens to all the impact fees collected on new developments? Use that money!

Re: “Polk: Vote “Yes” to extend existing Yavapai County jail district sales tax.”

  • For some reason when two lovers say and commit to a marriage. It comes apart at the seams soon. Men / boys could really use some help understanding women. Cause women aren’t going to volunteer this information. Help!
  • Thank you Donald. Due to your mismanagement, the left is mobilized and can’t wait to turn into a weak/diminished president. Iran Nuclear pull out is the last straw. Iran was/and is cooperating. Donald your approach is because Obama is a black man. White supremacy is in place.
  • Another day another white woman at a college calls the cops on a “suspicious” person of color. Trump is turning them into a bunch of paranoid freaks again just like the 60’s.
  • How many of your letter writers complaining about teacher walkouts themselves benefited for decades because their labor unions did their dirty work for them, standing up to power for respectable pay; vacations; medical benefits, and now a nice pension?
  • The crossroads we are at with the Dells reminds me of the opportunity many years ago to save the Phoenix mountains from greedy developers. We did the right thing then.....but will our city council do it now?
  • Blown away by the artwork, On the Hunt, by Prescott teen-ager Lauren Mason-Saranopulos!! Readers should seek it online in color! Congratulations Lauren! Paint on!

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