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Wed, Oct. 16

Rants&Raves: May 6, 2018

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  • Public education should be funded by a stable, steady funding source.

  • I want to rave about our teachers, community supporters, families and school-children. Fighting for fair wages isn’t easy but it’s necessary. Plus, we’re showing our kids what democracy looks like!

  • Educators lesson: Public servants can break the law and bully legislators as long as they get their way. Mob rules. Using students to participate in the strike is ironic. They will be paying in the future with higher taxes.

  • It’s easy for teachers to “strike” when they are getting paid to do so. Perhaps they should give their paychecks to the parents who are using their unpaid leave to stay home while the teachers strike. Just a thought.

  • Why are the trash trucks allowed to spew their trash onto the roadways? Myself and others have seen this for a long time.

  • Kudos to Ron Woerner for his April 30th “Bread and Circuses” letter. It equates Trump and Ducey’s circus tactics to those used by the Romans. Unfortunately, like the Roman citizens, many U.S. citizens are falling for the whole act.

  • Fence riding is not good. I keep hearing the same thing: “I support the teachers but not their strike.” You cannot separate the two. If you are supporting the teachers, you are in essence, supporting their strike.

  • Don’t blame the teachers! Blame the incompetent politicians who had eight years to fix this and did nothing. Remember them in November.

  • Radical progressives on the march with the income tax surcharge initiative featuring class warfare politics. Identification of funding sources were denied by the sponsors. Focus on why teachers’ salaries represent less than 50 percent of the education budget! No tax!

  • In contrast to the tired, failed arguments about helping the homeless, Prescott’s proposal offers centralized guidelines and organized distribution of contributions. Currently, there is no guarantee how panhandlers will spend direct contributions. Liquor, drugs, smokes?

  • The teachers who were striking should be fired! The exceptions would be: music teachers (both choral & instrumental), STEM teachers (apolitical) & vo-tech teachers (needed). New hires should understand that they will be hired to EDUCATE, not INDOCTRINATE!

  • This is why I love this town! Music and the fine arts are what make us civilized, and to see so many people and organizations step up to help Granite school inspires me and gives me hope! Thanks to all!

  • It’s easy for columnist Tom Cantlon to tell the teacher to go to the wall with their actions, to give up their financial stability and endanger their families. Cantlon has nothing to lose.

  • Hooray, the legislature has taken the first step in fixing funding for our schools. But why did it take a walkout to get them to do so?

  • Education is a key for a healthy democracy. People should stop complaining about teachers and realize Arizona lacks a healthy education system. I love the fact that my taxes will go help these amazing individuals. I support taxes to education.

  • I’m sure teachers deserve it. But what about the rest of the state? Arizona pays employees poorly and almost never gives raises, not even cost of living. I know people working for the state who can’t pay their bills.

  • True, “not all teachers walked out,” but the majority voted with the union for an illegal strike. I do not believe the teaching profession’s image was enhanced by this action.

  • We are always so happy to see our events shared in your newspaper. With so many “little learners” learning to love the library, it is good to know their enthusiasm is worthy of notice. Thank you.

  • Development will continue in Prescott, this is normal. The Dells are not going away, they are already protected, so don’t worry about them disappearing.

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