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Thu, April 18

Letter: Deplorable?


A Trump supporter is not necessarily a “Deplorable.” Hillary Clinton once called Trump supporters “deplorables.” However, it is not the support of Trump that is the criterion of “deplorableness.”

A recent poll showed that 60 percent of people questioned “did not like Trump as a person.”

In my opinion, the true indicator of a “deplorable” is someone who actually “likes Trump as a person.” I am sure there are Trump supporters who like many of his policies but can still admit he is lacking as a human being. These people would not be deplorables.

For me, any person, regardless of political view, who sees President Trump as a decent human being is the true “deplorable.”

I am a moderate Republican who believes in the consistent application of our immigration laws, owns several firearms, and believes that there should be no “free meal ticket” for the vast majority of Americans who are able bodied. However, I still see Trump as a wretch who gives a disgraceful image for our young people and to the world in general.

So, all you Trump supporters out there, be introspective with yourself … perhaps continue to support him if you agree with most of his basic policies, but do not delude or abase yourself by actually liking this man who is currently our President.

Patrick Leyden



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